4 Ways IV Therapy Can Help You Look Younger

IV Therapy: You can find many skin care and anti-aging products all over the internet these days. Some are more effective, others less so, but all take time to produce visible results.

What if you don’t have that time?

Consider if you’re too busy with work to worry about your vitamin intake, or if you don’t have time to take a sauna a few times a week. Plus, what happens when you need quick results because you have an event where you want your skin to shine?

Well, IV therapy is the new cat in town. And it offers features backed by thousands of positive and celebrity reviews. Here are four ways IV therapy can help you look younger.

IV therapy is a skin care routine with immediate effects

IV therapy usually refers to IV vitamin therapy in the wellness world. During the 30 to 45 minutes it lasts, your body will get all the important nutrients like vitamins B and C and minerals like magnesium and zinc.

As such, medical professionals have long used IV therapy to treat severe dehydration, in patient care after surgery, and to help patients recovering from substance overdoses. So, IV therapy is definitely effective in providing your body with nutrients and fluids.

The main reason IV therapy has become so popular in recent years is that medical practices around the United States have begun offering treatment to the public that treats flu symptoms, boosts the immune system, and improves overall health.

But apart from all that, IV therapy clinics also offer skin care package.

Most IV skin care treatments contain B vitamins that assist enzymes with countless body functions. For example, B1 helps dry and irritated skin, and B3 improves the appearance of mature and dry skin by strengthening its defenses.

The treatment also supplements vitamin C, glutathione and zinc in your body. All these elements together can improve the health of your skin, and the best part is that the treatment has an almost immediate effect that can last for days.

The right nutrients make your skin look younger

Looking younger usually means improving the health of your skin and hair, and that’s exactly what IV therapy can do for you.

If you read the labels of most skin care creams and gels, you will notice that they contain vitamin C. This is because vitamin C is a crucial part of collagen production. It is also the first ingredient in almost all anti-aging IV treatments.

Collagen is a protein found in skin, nails, hair, bones and tendons. It helps your skin maintain its elasticity and supports the creation of new tissue. In addition, Vitamin C also helps produce elastin, another protein whose job is to keep your skin in shape and tighten your muscles.

In addition to vitamin C, IV therapy also usually contains the B complex, a combination of all eight B vitamins.

Each B vitamin plays an important role in both skin care and anti-aging. As you have already read, B3 protects your skin, but B7, or biotin, helps your hair grow and reduces wrinkles and cellulite in the skin.

Finally, all anti-aging IV treatments contain zinc, a mineral that protects your skin and hair from UV radiation. In addition to that, zinc helps reduce acne on your skin by reducing inflammation and increasing your body’s defenses.

As you can read, because IV therapy increases your nutrient levels, your body will be getting more than it needs to stay young and healthy.

IV therapy also moisturizes your skin

Medical science has long confirmed that moisture is key to skin health. What is significant about IV therapy is that it delivers fluids directly into your bloodstream along with antioxidants and minerals.

Because it avoids the diet, the fluids and nutrients become available to your body much faster than by just drinking or eating. This does not mean that IV therapy can replace or reduce the average daily amount of water you should consume, but it can increase your health in addition to your everyday routine.

Looking young means first and foremost feeling healthy

Feeling healthy is essential if you want to look and feel younger. And this is where IV therapy beats all skin care routines.

Nutrients in almost any IV therapy can do amazing things for your health. Glutathione, for example, is an antioxidant that fights oxidative stress. It protects your liver and improves gut health.

B vitamins can do more than just ensure healthy skin and hair. They are essential for the production of red blood cells. And red blood cells are part of your immune system’s defense response. In other words, with IV therapy you increase the strength of your immune system.

Then there are minerals like magnesium and zinc that are vital to your health. Lack of magnesium can lead to problems with your heart, bones and even type two diabetes. There is also studies link depression with inadequate magnesium intake.

Zinc also plays a role in keeping your immune system strong and active. In addition, zinc is important for healing damaged tissue and building proteins. Zinc is so powerful in increasing tissue repair that it is one of the most supplemented nutrients by amateur and professional athletes.

Ultimately, if your goal is to look younger, you should try to get healthier first. Feeling and looking healthy and full of energy is a sign of a person full of life and ready to take on the world. Which is what most young people are.

Where to find IV therapy

IV therapy can help you look your best before a speaking event. Plus, any IV pack you choose can keep your vitamin levels healthy. So where can you find IV therapy?

You can find many IV therapy medical clinics across the country, but your best bet is Therapeutic if you live around Texas.

Theraptiva offers mobile IV therapy. When you choose a package on their website, you’ll fill out a simple medical questionnaire, and if everything is ready, a registered nurse will soon be on the way to your chosen location to install the treatment.

Give it 30-45 minutes, and you’ll soon feel the positive effects of IV therapy that can linger for days!

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