I reviewed £25 M&S leggings which sell 5,000 pairs a month

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Public service announcement: I’m a health editor who sweats and tests exercise gear, and this week I’ve been testing M&S Goodmove gym leggings with a cult following. They sell about 5,000 pairs a month and PSA: they’re actually a really decent investment.

There is so many options available these days knowing where to start can feel like a minefield.

Not to fear, though: reliable high street brand Marks and Spencer is here to save the day. You might not think of the retailer as a favorite for the best gym leggings, but I’ve tested their Goodmove range – their own brand of affordable activewear that first launched at the start of the pandemic – and it’s actually quite impressive.

Take for example their best-selling M&S Goodmove leggings. You know they must be pretty good because they sell 5,000 pairs a month, but I actually think they’re the best high street workout leggings currently available. Their designers used to work at Nike and have completely revamped their training range – I couldn’t believe how much they look (and feel) like other higher priced options, such as lululemon and Sweaty Betty, where leggings retail from £65.

You’ll be pleased to hear that these M&S bad boys are on sale for £25 – a third of the price. Keep scrolling for my review—and don’t miss our Allbirds Tree Flyer trainer review, Veja Impala trainer review, and lululemon Hike to Swim review while you’re here.

I tried on the M&S Goodmove gym leggings – here’s what I thought

First of all, a little background for you. The Goodmove range was first launched in January 2020 and, as above, was created by a team of experts including two former Nike designers. Not only that, but their designs are always shaped by customer feedback. They say they’re going back to the drawing board to improve any product that gets less than a four-star review.

More about leggings. In place, they promise to be moisture-wicking, squat-proof, flattering and high waist while sitting at just £25.

So, what did I find when I tested? They’re all that and more – during my rather sweaty strength session, the leggings dried quickly, plus the material was thick enough that you couldn’t see through them but also breathed. The material felt soft yet shiny, durable yet dynamic – they allowed me to run, jump, squat, stretch and more, all without creasing at the knees or sagging at the waist. Plus, the waistband is flattering, doesn’t dig in or cut you in half to keep you in place.

I also wore them for two four mile marathons and really liked that they have both a back zipped pocket and a handy pocket on the side of the thigh too, meaning I didn’t need a fanny pack. When testing, I put a bank card, my front door key and my iPhone in the side pocket and it almost held all three.

That said, they did lose their shape faster than other higher priced options – I noticed they felt a bit looser around the waist after six months or so. Would this put me off buying them? Not for the price range.

Not sure if you should invest? Think of it this way – there’s no better form of exercise motivation than new gym equipment. Whether you’re about to do a killer Joe Wick YouTube workout, go for a brisk walk, or simply meet the girls for brunch, you can’t go wrong with these.

Goodmove Gym High Waist Leggings in Black – £25 | Marks and Spencer

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Goodmove printed gym leggings with high waist in white pattern – SEK 259 | MISS

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Goodmove printed gym leggings with high waist in black/grey pattern – SEK 255 | MISS

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