Lili Reinhart has opened up about why she trashed Kim K’s Met Gala look

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  • “I have a lot to say and no one else seems to.”

    You probably remember Kim K’s Met Gala look this year. She controversially decided to wear Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday” dress from 1962, which until now has been preserved at the Museum of Art.

    Trigger warning: discusses the themes of eating disorders and weight loss

    She spoke openly about losing weight to fit into the dress, which many fans and celebrities alike criticized her for.

    One of those celebs was Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, who posted a pretty straightforward post on Instagram explaining why Kim’s silly comments about losing weight at one point could trigger those suffering from their own body image or eating disorders.

    Although she didn’t mention Kim by name, she said at the time: “So wrong. So fucked up on 100s of levels. To openly admit that you’re starving yourself for the Met Gala. When you know full well that millions of young men and women are watching up to you and listens to every word you say.”

    Reinhart continued, “The ignorance is worldly and disgusting. Please stop supporting these stupid, harmful celebrities whose entire image revolves around their bodies. I’m not generally an angry person, but I swear to god, the toxicity of this industry sometimes really gets to me and I have to do my little Instagram stories to release my anger.”

    Now, for the first time, she has spoken about why she feels so passionate about the subject.

    To talk to IndieWireshe said: “I definitely rant on social media, I’m very guilty of it.”

    “I don’t like to just sit idle, I don’t like to shut up. I know people on Twitter hate me. There are articles and everyone’s like, “God, does this girl ever shut up and stop complaining?” No, actually I don’t, because I have a lot to say and no one else seems to.”

    It’s a topic close to home as she herself has struggled with eating disorders in the past. She explains: “I’ve really been to the point where I thought I need help, that I’m not well mentally, that I wish I could go somewhere.”

    “Unfortunately, a lot of the resources are $90,000 retreats in Malibu, and I’m not just going to sit on a deck chair and have therapy for five days and go, ‘Cool! I’m better!’ I wish there were better resources for mental health, and in the sense that people need to be taken more seriously when they’re struggling.”

    Kudos to the star for being so open about her own struggles and paving the way for a new generation of – hopefully more positive – body image.

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