Lizzo took down the recent body shaming during her VMA speech

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  • “Bitch, I win…”

    You’ve seen by now that the MTV VMAs were hosted last Sunday—that’s the Video Music Awards, FYI.

    Stars such as Taylor Swift, Blackpink and Lizzo were in attendance, with all three winning awards on the night.

    While Taylor won awards for Best Video, Best Long Form Video and Best Director for Too well Lizzo scooped the Video For Good award on the night.

    That said, she’s no stranger to trolling and abuse. Just last month, American comedian Aries Spears took a swipe at Lizzo, commenting on her weight. Several body-shaming insults were hurled, including the highly unnecessary comment: “Her music is hard … but her body isn’t.”

    On Monday night, during her acceptance speech, she addressed his comments for the first time. Understandably, she has some thoughts to share on the matter.

    She said: “And now, to the bitches who got to say something about me in the press. You know what, I’m not going to say anything. They’re like, why don’t you clap back? Why don’t you clap back? Girl, because I’m winning . I win!”

    In short, the star has decided not to waste energy dealing with the harsh criticism and instead focus on all the wins in her life – from the VMAs, to the Grammys, to the BT Awards.

    She’s an internationally renowned artist who proves that while harsh comments can hurt, there’s more to life than letting them get you.

    She provides a valuable lesson in how to reframe negative thoughts – it’s all too easy to get caught up in what others think of you, especially when you’re someone in the public eye. But watching the singer handle negativity with grace and self-love is inspiring, to say the least.

    NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – AUGUST 28: Taylor Swift attends the 2022 MTV VMAs at Prudential Center on August 28, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey.  (Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global)

    Not to mention the fact that all bodies are different and will look different, and so commenting on someone’s weight so disparagingly and publicly is not cool.

    In other body-positive celebrity news, just last week, Lili Reinhart opened up about why she criticized Kim Kardashian for her weight loss at the Met Gala and Kate Moss shared her reasoning behind her infamous “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” mantra. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t actually hers).

    We couldn’t have handled it better ourselves. All hail Queen Lizzo!

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