The 10 best training bras tested by team MC

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    It is important to make sure that you are wearing one of the best sports bras. Protecting your breasts during your workouts is just as important—heck, maybe even more important—as wearing the right running trainers. That is, if you exercise regularly, you really should both.

    I’m a health editor, so I’ve tested all the bras in this roundup myself. As a runner who completes marathons for fun, many of the bras have even passed the 26.2 test with me. Plus, I brought in other MC team members to sweat test them for you – so you know all the features are supportive, sweat wicking, easy to wash and durable too, and they have our personal stamp of approval .

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    Test process

    Want to know how the team MC try all the products we include? As above, all of the products below have been personally tested by team MC and are sports bras that we all wear and love.

    They’ve been sweat tested during running, walking, gym training and more – so you know they’re highly recommended.

    Health editor Ally Head and e-commerce writer Grace Lindsay test some of the bras in this round

    What did we look for when deciding on the best sports bras?

    Aka, what are the success criteria? Good question. In short, it depends a bit on how big your breasts are and what kind of exercise you are going to do. If you have larger breasts, choose a more supportive design: if you are less gifted, you can get away with something less functional.

    • Is the bra supportive enough?
    • Are the straps adjustable?
    • Is the material breathable and sweat-wicking?
    • Does the fabric rub?

    We’ve listed next to each of our top sports bras which would be the best fit – we know there’s nothing more infuriating than a bra that really doesn’t cut the mustard for you.

    Best sports bras 2022, tried and tested by team MC

    Best sports bras for running

    Easy-On Running Bra, £55 | Underwear
    High support
    In sizes C to H, this is a bit of a game changer in high-impact bras. It promises zero bounce and it’s easy to take off with a fully open back. Plus, it’s high in the neck for extra coverage. Fun fact: the entire Runderwear collection fits 70+ sizes. Not bad.
    Health editor Ally Head says: “This bra is great for runners who cover a lot of mileage, or anyone looking to invest in a bra that will last the long haul. It has adjustable straps and high support, so you can wear it for any workout and don’t have to worry about your breasts moving.”

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    Active Bra – £55.00 | ON Run
    High support
    The new Active Bra from ON has impressive statistics: tested by professional athletes over a period of two years, the designers went through six prototypes while testing.
    Health editor Ally Head says: “When I tested it over a ten-mile run and two shorter rides, I was impressed. The bra is high support but soft, and it’s comfortable and breathable too, thanks in large part to the rear mesh panel. The straps didn’t move, they stayed put thanks to their responsive elastic that’s designed to move with your body.”

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    Best sports bra for big breasts

    Impact Sports Bra, £69 | PeBe Active
    High support
    This bra has been designed to disrupt the sports bra world. Designed with large breasts in mind, it’s one of the smartest bras we’ve ever come across. Did you know that your breasts move in a figure eight when you exercise? The brand’s patent-pending WRAPA ® technology supports without oppressing your breasts.
    Senior Beauty Editor Katie Thomas says: “Before I had my son, my breasts were a perky DD. Now they’re a G and I’ve had to completely rethink my brands when it comes to keeping the girls in place. peBe wants to make sure you’re right size you so if you don’t nail it right the first time they will arrange an online consultation to get the fit just right I have to be honest it’s a bit tricky to put on but there are handy how-to videos on their Instagram which helped a lot the first time .”

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    Best sports bra for high impact

    Dare Crossback Run bra, SEK 555 | Brooks
    High support
    Brooks spent months designing their “best running bra ever”, going back to the drawing board again and again until they designed what they believe is the best offering on the market.
    Health Editor Ally Head says: “They’ve delivered on this one – this bra is a great investment. Super supportive and next-level comfortable, I really had no complaints when I tried it on. It’s comfortable yet high support, with adjustable straps too. Also, I really like the range of colors available.”

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    Ultimate Run Bra, £50 | Shock absorber
    High support
    Padded? Check. Breathe? Check. Moisture wicking? Check. You can wear this bra for anything – HIIT, tennis, pilates, yoga… you name it.
    Health editor Ally Head says: “Looking for a high-support, non-wired bra for all sports? Then, if you’re anything like me, you’ll like the Ultimate Run Bra from Shock Absorber. Although it’s slightly less soft material than their other competitors, I felt seriously supported in this, plus found the adjustable straps to be superior (aka easier to use) than others on the market.”

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    Best supportive sports bra

    Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra – £64 | Maaree
    High support
    Fun fact: Maaree are the only bras in the world that have an overband, aka a curved panel that runs across the chest to reduce upward movement. Designed for medium impact exercises, check out their bras if you’re looking for extra grip.
    Health Editor Ally Head says: “There are a lot of bad sports bras out there but this isn’t one of them. I’ve test driven over short and long distances and it really supports you. I like the slightly longer support under the bust – it offered me both extra comfort and extra confidence too.”

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    Ultimate Bra – £29.25 | adidas
    High support
    adidas has spent years developing its latest sports bra range – with over 40 sizes, to ensure you have a bra that really works for you. Other need to know: it’s made from water-absorbing, sweat-wicking material that also offers a compression fit.
    Health editor Ally Head says: “adidas’ research into sports bras really shocked me – they found that when you exercise your breasts can move with more force than an F1 driver’s car. Just think about that for a second. This bra does all that says on the tin – supports, compresses and sweats away. I experienced some chafing, but for the price it’s a good option.”

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    Best value sports bra

    UA Infinity Mid Covered Sports Bra, £35 | Under Armour
    Medium support
    If you enjoy cycling, strength training or boxing and want to invest in a bra that offers a soft, breathable structure, you’ll love this design from UA. It promises to be supportive but also flexible, and the material wicks sweat away from the skin and dries really quickly with mesh panels for added breathability.
    Health editor Ally Head says: “This is my favorite sports bra at the moment. I was pleasantly surprised – even though it’s a cheaper price than the other options, this UA design offers just as much support, sweat transport and never chafe. It’s normal in size and has a myriad of different colorways. I may or may not have it in three colors..”

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    Best long line sports bra

    Morisot Bra, £35 | Pocket Sports
    Medium support
    Unlike their lower support Claude design, the Morisot bra from Pocket Sport is really stylish but also offers medium support. Ideal for longer runs, HIIT sessions or high-energy yoga flows, it’s also sweat-wicking and long-waisted to provide extra coverage around the midsection. Hard not to love.
    Health editor Ally Head says: “You’ll probably have heard me rave about Pocket Sport by now, but they’re a dark horse in the sportswear business. While these bras aren’t designed for super high support, they’re a great mid-to-high offering and surprised me with how much support they offered. Plus, the length of the long string underbust support is pretty second to none. A great option for summer runs, gym sessions or, well, any workout.

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    Best padded sports bra

    Tank Bra – £28 | Adanola
    Medium support
    Like the sound of a light, comfortable, fashionable sports bra? Enter stage right, the Adanola tank, which offers long-line support, spaghetti straps and a rounded high neckline.
    E-commerce writer Grace Lindsay says: “This sports bra has more of a longline fit, perfect for those who want a little extra support. I loved the fact that it gave me a bit more coverage, as I felt more confident on the way to the gym.”
    “What really stood out to me was the compressive fit and sculpting finish. The fabric is super smooth, stretchy and sweat wicking, which is all I look for.”
    “The padding is also removable, so you can customize the fit. I would recommend this for medium support training and will be wearing it all summer.”

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    Energy bra – SEK 38 | lululemon
    Medium support
    Although this bra is padded, it has two optional, removable cups, meaning you have the best of both worlds – you can wear it with or without padding. Made from a four-way stretch material, it promises to be sweat-wicking and breathable, plus has added lycra to the fabric to retain both stretch and shape.
    Health Editor Ally Head says: “This looks like it’s going to offer less support than it actually does. It’s really supportive, never chafed and looks cute too. It comes with padding but like above it’s easy to take away. Best tip: size up, as I found they run a bit small.”

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    Best yoga sports bra

    In Play Sports Bra – £42 | PE Nation
    Low support
    A lower support design with a racer back detail, this scoop neck longline sports bra is designed for yoga, Pilates and more.
    E-commerce writer Grace Lindsay says: “I have to be honest, at first this sports bra didn’t look like much. But after putting it on, I was shocked at how well it fit me. It’s worth noting that I don’t have large breasts, so this sports bra definitely wouldn’t be supportive enough for everyone. It doesn’t come with padding, but it does have an elastic waistband at the bottom which gave me all the support I needed (without digging in). I would probably won’t do super high sports in it, but as an everyday sports bra it’s my new favorite.”
    “In addition to the fit, I love how breathable and sweat-wicking it is. It also washes great, and the shiny fabric and bold pink logo add a fashionable touch. I can’t wait to try more sports bras from this brand.”

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    Why is it important to have a good sports bra?

    So why is wearing the right sports bra so important? New research from Adidas has found that your breasts can move up to 19cm when you exercise, and with more G Force than an F1 driver’s car. Not surprisingly, their research also found that exercising in the wrong sports bra can cause long-term damage to your breasts. Consider chronic chest pain, ligament damage, and ultimately side effects like drooping, drooping, and stretching.

    You wouldn’t run 5km in a pair of Converse (we beg), so we’d like to assume you wouldn’t whip out your home gym gear for your next HIIT, Pilates or Joe Wick workout without proper protection for your breasts either.

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