Top 5 benefits of dental implants

Advantages of dental implants: Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you, which is why losing a tooth can have a negative effect on your self-esteem – but there are ways to restore your smile and confidence, if it is with one Hollywood smiling turkey, or by choosing one of the many dental implant options that clinics have to offer. Read on to find out more about these permanent implants and their benefits.

Types of dental implants

If you have decided to move forward with replacing a missing tooth, your dentist should inform you of your options for which type of implant is best to fill the gap. Here are some examples that you may be offered:

  • Single-tooth implants: This type of implant is likely to be offered when you have a missing tooth and you want to replace it. It consists of a screw that is fitted to your jaw, which will eventually melt, and a crown that will be screwed into place.
  • Implant bridge: if you are missing several teeth, you may be offered an implant-supported bridge. This can help fill a larger gap and can prevent teeth from moving.
  • Dentures: If you need to replace a lot of missing teeth, there are types of dentures available that you may be offered. Complete dentures are suitable for people with no remaining teeth, partial dentures for someone who has some natural teeth left, and fixed dentures, which are implanted in the jaw.

It is recommended that gaps in your teeth be replaced with a solution to ensure that the bones in your jaw do not weaken over time, but many other benefits come with choosing to have dental implants as well. We will look at the benefits in more detail below.


Having a gap in your smile can make you feel self-conscious and can ultimately have a detrimental effect on your mental health. If your gap is noticeable, and it makes you feel embarrassed, choosing to have dental implants can help with this. You can choose the option that is best for you to fill the gap, so you can restore your smile and not have to hide your teeth anymore. Dental implants can give you the confidence boost you need.

Oral health

It’s not just aesthetics that implants can help with, they can make sure that the rest of your teeth don’t move out of position which eventually leads to misalignment. A gap means your other teeth will take most of the force and have to do most of the work when you chew, an implant can balance out the pressure on your other teeth. Your implant is also not made of decay, so while you still have to take care of it, you won’t get holes!

Restores the bite

You may find that if you’ve lost a tooth, it’s hard to enjoy your favorite foods because you struggle to bite down. Choosing to have a dental implant means you can restore your bite, and you will be able to eat your favorite foods again. Implants give you a better bite force, because they are anchored in place and will not move, even when you chew.

Ability to speak

A gap in your tooth means you may struggle to speak normally, or you may slur. Choosing to have an implant can correct this – they feel and fit in your mouth just like regular teeth so they can allow you to restore normal speech, and no one will ever know the difference.

Permanent solution

Implants are a permanent solution. If you were to choose an option such as removable dentures, they would need to be replaced periodically. These different types of implants do not need to be replaced, as they are fixed in your mouth, all you have to do is take care of them in the same way as your natural teeth. They are easy to care for and blend in perfectly, so you can restore your smile to its former glory.

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